Sale Specialist (PKS)

Job description :

  • Manage & lead the wholesales and showroom Department towards the achievement of overall company objectives.
  • Create, manage, plan. monitor and evaluate forecasts of future achievements for reporting
  • Responsible for the management of the clients and their satisfaction and follow up the market segment and competitors
  • Achieve allocated targets on products and services, ensuring a healthy portfolio of offerings are taken across a wide range of clients.
  • Ensure that reporting sales people training needs are identified and developed to be able to achieve successively greater targets.
  • Establish and drive sales campaigns.
  • Assure compliance of administrative processes of sales department and company policy
  • Control sales productivity and costs efficiency by ensuring that sales resources are planned and used in the optimum manner.
  • Prepare forecasts against sales in the territories and monitor and manage changes to forecasts to ensure that the pipeline of activities is always sufficient to meet the allocated targets.
  • Make frequent client visits with sales people to help close businesses.
  • Monitor the sales person’s development (giving advice and guidance) and ensure that propositions are valuable to the client and fit for purpose.
  • Design sales campaigns and other activities to meet allocated targets on products and services across the territories.
  • Hold internal meetings to allow analysis of the sales activities and check productivity and effectiveness of each reporting sales person.
  • Make sure that each sales person is appropriately trained in skills and in products and services knowledge to allow a wide portfolio of products and services to be placed in the territories.
  • Undertake annual appraisals of all Sales staff and identify and satisfy training and professional development outcomes.
  • Take part in the annual budget planning process
  • Send weekly report to line manager every Friday before 5:00 pm
  • Ensure reduce overall company expenses.
  • Other require from line manager and etc.

Qualifications for all positions:

  • A Degree or diploma in  financial or administration
  • CPA certificate
  • Meticulous attention to details
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks and divide your team work
  • Excellent problem –solving skill and clear logical thinking 
  • Good English Skill and multiple language capabilities is a plus 
  • At Least five  years financial experience
  • Ability to tactfully handle stressful and difficulty situation
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills including good presentation and writing skills
  • Excellent computer skills (Using MS Office)

Brief information on remuneration:

  • Salary performance review bi-annual.
  • Compulsory service.
  • Telephone allowance (depends on position & level)
  • Accommodation, utility, transportation only for expat.
  • School fee 50% for none local employee (depends on level)
  • Provide accommodation for none local employee (depends on level)
  • Perfect plan insurance (depends on position & level)
  • Product instalment.
  • Leave entitlement:
  • Paid time (annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave 50% of your basic salary, paternity, bereavement leave, marriage leave).
  • Training opportunity both local & oversea.
  • Career growth opportunities.

ເບີໂທ: +856 20 5899 9581 (HR)
ອິເມລ: [email protected]